About Us.

Who we are, how we started, and our team.

By Scott Webb

Who We Are

Timely Systems is a group of hobbyist web developers spanning back-end to front-end technologies. Mostly college age members and industry experienced leadership based out of Cedar City make Timely Systems a go-to choice for talented and cutting edge work.

Our Genesis

Timely Systems started out as 404 error team at the local Southern Utah Code Camp. Our first team name was a joke on the amount of errors we caused getting started. Now four years later we have moved to Timely Systems to reflect our Timely Development.

Brent Dalling

~ Team Leader
Our team leader and back-end developer. Creating new features and maintaining our infrastructure.


Justin Nelson

~ Content Updater
Maintains and updates content for our customers. Specializes in digital branding graphics.


Zach Egle

~ Front-End Dev
Our front-end and UI/UX developer. Makes sure everything looks and feels the best for everyone.


Open Spot

~ Back-End Dev
Looking for a developer to specialize in back-end development. Contact admin@timelysystems.com to apply.


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